Explore Poznań with the Poznań City Card! This is the best and least expensive way to get to know our city and the adjacent area. Gain free or discounted admission to over sixty tourist attractions, free access to public transportation and a unique opportunity to save time and money.
The Poznań City Card comes in three versions: one-, two- and three-day.

Holders of the Poznań City Card are entitled, among other things, to:

- free use of public transportation,
- free admission to most of Poznań's museums,
- discounted admission to sports and recreational facilities,
- discounted admission to the Conservatory and the Zoo,
- discounts at hotels and restaurants.

Terms and conditions of use of the Poznań City Card

The Card is valid for holder only (as signed on front). The Card is valid only after first and last name and date of first use have been filled in. The Card may not be used by third parties and it is valid together with an ID. The period of validity begins to run on the date stated on the Card. In case of using the Card outside of Poznań, the Card is valid one day past the date shown on it.

When used as pass on public transportation, the Card is valid until 12:00 midnight on the last day on which the Card is valid (1, 2 or 3 days).

The Card comes with a guide booklet, which includes information on available attractions, discounts and free admission. You can only use a given attraction once; upon entry to the attraction, you should produce your Card and submit a proper coupon provided on the page that describes a specific attraction. The coupons are not valid if the Card has been lost or stolen.

The Poznań City Card comes in three versions:
- one-day - at 30 PLN
- two-day - at 40 PLN
- three-day - at 45 PLN