Since 19th April 2010 the agglomeration of Poznań has been divided into 3 tariff zones:

Since 19th April 2010, all passengers using the buses or trams within the network of ZTM, must have a valid ticket for the zone in which they are travelling.

Passengers who travel only within the city of Poznań can have ticets for zone A only.

For trips covering zones A and B, for example from Koziegłowy to Poznań (lines no 320, 321, 322, 323), Swarzędz to Poznań (line no 55), Luboń to Poznań (lines no 601, 602, 603, 610, 611, 614, 616, 651) or Czapury to Poznań (line no 527), tickets for zones A+B are required.

For the trips from zone A to zone C, for example from Poznań to Puszczykowo or Poznań to Mosina (line no 651), tickets for zones A+B+C are required.

WARNING! Tariff zones and agglomeration tickets are valid only on the lines organized by ZTM.

These lines are listed HERE. Other bus lines require separate tickets.

The map below shows the district of Poznań; the tariff zones (colors: A - green, B - red, C - yellow) and towns crossed by the bus lines organized by ZTM are marked.